The Morning Badger (1/30/17): RIP Wet Seal, American Apparel

wet seal

Here’s what you should know to start the day:

Wet Seal and American Apparel Closing Stores

Wet Seal, the tween/teen clothing chain, is set to close the rest of its 171 stores. The company is having a hard time staying afloat and may need to file for a second bankruptcy. (They filed for their first bankruptcy two years ago.) Head to The Wall Street Journal for more details on their closings.

American Apparel is also closing all of their stores. Gildan owns the brand, but the retail stores are shutting down and thousands of employees will soon lose their jobs. The existing stores are currently in liquidation mode, selling things starting at 40% off. Gildan will continue using the American Apparel brand name for certain product lines, though those clothes might not be made in America anymore.

Starbucks Hiring 10,000 Refugees

Did something important happen over the weekend? Well, it totally got some companies speaking up about immigrants and refugees in the country. While tech companies like Amazon, Microsoft, and Apple vowed to help their affected employees, and Lyft and Airbnb donated resources to help those affected, Starbucks vowed to give 10,000 refugees jobs over the next five years and in 75 countries. Hiring 10,000 new employees will cost the company quite a bit of money, and investors are split on whether or not the initiative will hurt or help the company, but it could also help Starbuck’s overseas image in the long run, too.

A Bigger Earnings Week?

ExxonMobil, Pfizer, and Apple all announce their earnings this week…and that’s just tomorrow. These are some of the biggest companies in existence, and we’ll be reporting their earnings every morning in the Morning Badger. We’ll also have an end-of-the-week earnings wrap-up in The Weekly Badger, the best way to learn about the stock market.


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