The Morning Badger (3/27/17): Twitter Has an Interesting Idea on How to Finally Make Money


Like Twitter, But Paid

Twitter ($TWTR) can’t turn a profit. The company loses hundreds of millions of dollars a year. Advertisers use them for branding purposes, but when it comes to actually buying ads on the social network, they rarely spend a dime. Thankfully, a new paid subscription could change that. A new premium “Twitter Pro” service marketed to brand managers and publishers could see the company bringing in additional revenue from the companies and publications that utilize Twitter the most. According to The Verge and several users, this premium version would allegedly include highly requested features for the company’s Tweetdeck service, among other things to help brand managers automate and track their users, tweets, and everything else pertaining to Twitter.

While the company has yet to release anything other than an official confirmation on sending out surveys and conducting research, this service could bring in extra dough from the struggling company. Would it be enough to, say, turn a profit? Probably not, though the company’s investors are happy, as $TWTR increased by $1.41 last Friday when the news broke.

What Is Uber Without Automated Cars?

Remember when Uber removed their self-driving cars from San Francisco after a bunch of them ran a red light? Since then, the company started conducting tests for their self-driving cars in Arizona. A few days ago, however, the company pulled their entire automated fleet from Arizona after one car was involved in an accident with two other vehicles in Tempe.

This is yet another setback for Uber and their plan to automate their vehicles. Uber’s entire future plan and growth more or less depends on automation because it will significantly decrease their operating costs. Unfortunately, the company can’t get automation right. Combine this with the company’s multi-billion loss in the last year and their PR problem, and you might see Uber reorganizing their company sooner rather than later.

The Fearless Girl Signs a One-Year Lease

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio recently told the Daily News that the Fearless Girl statue near Wall Street will stay there until February of next year. The statue, which was placed their as part of a marketing campaign by State Street, symbolizes the investing company’s drive to add more women to high-ranking leadership positions in companies. It is also a marketing opportunity for the company’s $SHE ETF (which you can read about here). The statue was originally meant to stay in its present location for a matter of weeks, but people continuously requested that it remained in place.