Here’s How a Trump Presidency (Probably) Won’t Lead the Country to Financial Ruin

What does a Donald Trump presidency mean for the future of our country?

That’s what millions of Americans are still wondering nearly two weeks after the presidential election. While The Donald said some pretty outlandish and scary things during his campaign, many remain skeptical as to whether he follows through with his promises.

The finance world, however, isn’t really taking Trump too seriously. Instead of prepping for a trade war and other all-too-real possibilities, investors, bankers, and the like hope that Mr. Trump doesn’t do the outlandish things he said he would.

What happens if they’re right? According to Bloomberg, we might actually be in for a good four years, financially speaking. Here’s why:

Trump’s tax cuts are troubling and would, in fact, lead to increased national debt. Unless, of course, the whole “trickle-down economics” theory works for the first time ever, which many people are skeptical about. Still, investors, bankers, and many people in the financial sector still think Trump will be a surprisingly sensible president, and the market will hopefully continue to grow under his rule.

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