How To Invest In The Rock, The Sexiest Man Alive

Earlier today, lifestyle magazine People announced that wrestler, actor, spokesperson, and all-around swell guy Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is officially the sexiest man alive. While millions of women and men already knew this, confirmation of Mr. Johnson’s profound sexiness from a major American news source now gives proof to their once-unproven claims.

These days, The Rock can be found in seemingly every major action movie, numerous TV shows (he has a show on HBO and TNT), a few kids movies, and even sporadic wrestling appearances. The mere mention of his name on social media causes images and articles about him to go viral.

The Rock can also be found outside of the entertainment world. As a spokesperson for Ford and an endorser of Under Armour, as well as the centerpiece of the amazing Rock Clock, this entertainer sure stays busy and just keeps getting increasingly popular at forty-four years old.

If the Rock is the sexiest, most popular, and best-paid movie star in the world, it might seem like a no-brainer to invest your money in the brands he works with. After all, if everything The Rock touches turns to gold, wouldn’t it make sense to capitalize on his endeavors?

Let’s find out.

The Rock’s own company, Seven Bucks Productions, is a private company.

Wikimedia Commons
Wikimedia Commons

Sadly, you can’t invest directly in the Rock right now, but who knows what the future holds?

The Rock has a longstanding merchandising and endorsement deal with Under Armour, a sportswear brand.

Under Armour

This includes workout gear, shoes, and other assorted Rock-branded merchandise from the clothing company.

Under Armour is having a particularly difficult 2016, but they’re currently up by over 2% as of this writing.


Investors are also mostly positive about the company’s future outlook, and the stock could see better days in the coming months.

The Rock is also a spokesperson for Ford, and appears in Ford commercials.

Ford stock has been all over the place in the last few months, and it’s currently down in price by a single cent.


Investors are fairly positive about the company’s future growth, though they will probably have to stop making cars in Mexico once Trump becomes president.

Let’s not forget the Rock’s roots in the WWE.

The WWE, as it turns out, is a publicly traded company, though they’re stock has been rather volatile this year.


The McMahon family, who runs the WWE ($WWE), has strong ties to Trump, which is why investors are overwhelmingly positive about its future.

The Rock is a good investment for Hollywood, since the overwhelming majority of his films become box-office smashes. For brands, however, The Rock’s name might have a marginal effect on their success. Still, the companies he associates with show promise, and investors are fairly positive on their future financial success. So is investing in Rock-championed companies a good idea? Time will tell, but people really seem to enjoy smelling what he’s cooking.

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