How does Tesla compare to every major car company?


Tesla ($TSLA) is having a terrible week. In the last five trading days, the company’s stock lost nearly 20% of their value — and for good reason. They will soon have to compete with Volvo, who plans on entering the electric car space by 2019. The company faced a battery shortage last quarter, which put a damper on their plans to increase car deliveries. On top of all that, Goldman Sachs downgraded Tesla’s stock, saying it was worth much less than its current value. These and other factors caused numerous investors to sell their $TSLA shares, causing Tesla to lose over $10 billion in market capitalization in mere days.

Despite their recent troubles, Tesla has a lot going for them. Production of the company’s new Model 3 series will likely start sometime this week. Demand for Tesla vehicles is still great enough to warrant drivers joining a years-long waiting list without driving the car first. Their stock is also up 44.52% since the start of the year, much better than the market average.

Yet pre-orders and market valuation can only tell so much. To see how Tesla is doing in the real world, you need to know how they fare against their competitors. Thankfully, our friends at Mediakix put together this awesome infographic to give you an idea of where Tesla stands in the auto world. Once you see how they stack up against Toyota, GM, and the lot, you might see the company from a different view.


Tesla might be worth more than some car manufacturers, but they make significantly fewer cars than anyone else. At the same time, they get their sales without spending a dime on advertising. Though some analysts and investors feel the company’s stock is overvalued and headed for a correction, others think it has more room to grow

If you’re with the latter and interested in investing in $TSLA, make sure you do more research in the company’s financials before you invest. If these facts and figures are less than thrilling to you, you could always invest in Volvo.