These 10 Countries Help the World’s Richest Companies Cheat on Their Taxes

No one likes paying taxes. Giving a large percentage of your yearly income to the government is like lending money to a friend, only to watch them spend it on dumb stuff.

Yet governments can’t work without a tax structure in place. That’s why every year, anyone earning a salary or wage must get their paperwork in order and send off their taxes…unless, of course, you’re a billion-dollar corporation.

Major corporations have the luxury of hiring the world’s best tax attorneys and accountants to avoid paying high corporate taxes through complicated and semi-legal loopholes. Instead of giving money back to the countries where they reside, they often store their cash in countries with laid back and shady tax laws. This often means paying zero taxes, getting money back from the government, and hoarding piles of cash.

These 10 countries, however, are the ringleaders of these tax-avoidance schemes. They’re not upfront and boastful about their status as tax havens, but it’s pretty obvious that they’re helping the world’s richest companies get away without paying a dime in taxes. Shouldn’t they be contributing their fair share?

Ireland is also a tax haven, helping companies like Apple and Google shelter billions from the United States government. Judging by recent lawsuits against these companies, however, the country’s ability to help corporations avoid taxes may not be around for much longer.

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