Tax Season 2K17: You’re Missing Out On These Important Tax Deductions

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By now, many Americans have already completed their taxes and sent it off to the IRS. The rest however, are doing one of three things: waiting on an extra form, waiting until the last minute, or hoping no one notices they didn’t file taxes. (If you chose option #3, it was nice knowing you).

If you still have yet to do your taxes, however, you might want to hold off for a second. That’s because there are numerous deductions you could be taking advantage of without even knowing it. Heck, even your accountant or hired tax professional might not even know about these deductions.

While you probably can’t write off that big-screen TV you bought or piles of video games, there are plenty of things you can write off, according to the fine folks at How To Adult. When you see what you could possible save on, you might soon find yourself getting back more from Uncle Sam than you expected.

Before you go deducting things left and right from your taxes, make sure you 100% know what you’re doing. If you don’t, you should definitely consult your accountant or tax professional. Otherwise, you could be in for a surprise audit, and no one has time for that!