Start the summer off right with these easy money-saving tricks


Summer is finally here, which means it’s time to get outside and spend some time in the sun. Now that the beaches are finally open, you probably want nothing more than to kick back with your friends, relax in the sand, and soak up some rays.

But before you can go out and enjoy the summer, there’s just one thing standing in your way: money.

Getting to the beach costs money. So does parking, swim trunks, food, drinks, and anything else you need to enjoy the beach. If you saved money before the summer, good for you! If you’re low in funds and need some extra scratch to get by, don’t fret! Here are four easy-as-pie tips to give you some extra coin just in time for the season.

Get rid of those useless subscriptions.

Summertime means fun at the beach, hanging out at barbecues, and spending as much time as you can in the sun. It does not mean sitting in front of a TV and binge-watching repeats of The Path.
Chances are you have more than a few subscription services that you don’t need or won’t use during the summer. By putting these subscriptions on hold or cancelling them, you’ll have more money to spend on tanning oil and beachside margs.

Eat at home when you can.

Sure, this might negate the whole “spending every waking moment outside” thing. Yet eating at home is much cheaper than eating anywhere else. When you’re not out with your friends or lying on a beach, make the most out of your groceries and cook for yourself. If you don’t know how, Google it. You wallet will thank you.

Use apps to force you to save.

If you’re terrible at saving on your own, let computers do the job for you. There are a handful of apps that analyze your purchases and paychecks to automatically save money. They can even take small bits of change here and there and deposit it into a dedicated savings account. Whether you’re looking to spend money in the short-term or want to save for later, there’s an app for all that.

Pay for everything in cash.

Swiping a credit card or using Apple Pay is easy. In fact, it might be a bit too easy. When you pay for everything in cash, you’ll likely end up spending less money overall. Unlike credit or “cashless” transactions, handing over bills or coins generally means less compulsive spending and better awareness of one’s finances. It doesn’t get you those sweet credit card points, but it could mean the difference between time at home and some extra time on the beach.

Bring your own water bottle.

This might sound dumb, but trust us. When you’re in the hot sun, you’re going to want to carry a water bottle everywhere. Buying a new plastic bottle at your corner store adds up every time. Shelling out for a $10 refillable bottle will pay for itself in no time.

Now that you’re on the path to saving money, you can worry less about your summertime plans. Just don’t forget to bring the sunscreen…or else!