StockStream Lets You Play The Stock Market Like A Video Game

Twitch Invests

In 2014, an anonymous programmer set up a social experiment on video streaming website Twitch. They rigged a game of Pokemon Red to respond to inputs from the Twitch community using the site’s chat feature. Viewers of the game’s stream would vote on which button to press in the game via chat, and the winning buttons would slowly but surely dictate each decision in the game. After 16 continuous days of streaming and billions of votes, the game was completed thanks to 1.16 million individual players.

Now, an enterprising new Twitch user is applying the same community game-playing logic to a different type of application. Instead of playing Pokemon, StockStream focuses group efforts on picking stocks, growing a portfolio, and maybe even beating the market in the process — all without users spending a dime.

StockStream lets you and other Twitch users pick stocks for a single portfolio.

The StockStream channel controls a Robinhood account. The account initially contains $50,000, and users vote on which stocks to buy and sell through the chat. The buy or sell action with the most votes every five minutes will trigger the respective action within Robinhood. If the stream’s portfolio falls below $25,000, the stream will stop.

StockStream uses real money to buy stocks for a real portfolio.

Though it’s not yet certain who this portfolio benefits and how the gains will be allocated, the choices made on StockStream are real trades during market hours. For instance, if the majority of the community decides to buy Amazon ($AMZN) stock, the stream’s Robinhood app will purchase actual shares of $AMZN. These transactions happen in real time during real market hours using actual currency.

This might actually help you learn about the market.

By watching StockStream, you can see how real stock picks affect a portfolio without putting the money in yourself. If you’re new to the stock market and on the fence about investing, this experiment will help you become acquainted with buying, selling, and everything else you need to know about having a brokerage account. If you’re already an investor, watching other people’s choices in stocks could help influence your own stock picking. If the stream viewers make a bad investment, you could learn what stocks to avoid in your financial future.

Where can I watch StockStream?

You can watch it live on the official site or in the stream below:
Watch live video from StockStream on


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