What You Need To Know (1/4/17): Sonic, Tesla


Here’s what you need to know for today:

  • Sonic ($SONC), the fast-food chain, will report their earnings this morning. The company is down by over 19% for the year, though the stock increased in value by 2.35% in the last month.
  • Tesla ($TSLA) stock is down because the company didn’t meet their delivery goal in 2016. They produced a few thousand less cars than they originally had hoped.
  • No, the Dow hasn’t hit 20,000 yet. Stop asking.

Here’s what we’re reading this morning:

Finland is starting a national experiment to try and prove a basic income doesn’t make people lazy” by Eshe Nelson, Quartz
Finland is experimenting with a basic universal income for those who have no income. Let’s hope the experiment works and other countries follow suit.

For Non-Tech Companies, if You Can’t Build It, Buy a Start-Up” by Leslie Picker, The New York Times
Startups are being gobbled up by bigger companies left and right. Why? Well, it’s easier to buy something than slowly develop a product over time.