How Does Snapchat’s IPO Compare to Facebook and Twitter?

Snapchat Facebook Twitter

Snapchat, everyone’s favorite video app, will become a publicly traded company in the next month or so. This means that you, the investor, can buy actual shares of stock in Snap Inc. (Snapchat’s parent company) for around $14 to $16 a share and become a minority owner of the company.

Yet should you invest in Snapchat? That’s the question on everyone’s mind.

Facebook and Twitter both went public years before Snap, and the data on their performance before, during, and after hitting the stock market could foreshadow what’s to come for the Los Angeles-based app. Luckily for you, the budding investor, the folks at Mediakix put together this handy infographic on everything you need to know about the Snap IPO. It shows how Snap Inc. compares to its social media big brothers…and what it should look out for in the future.


Snapchat Facebook Twitter

Twitter’s valuation at the time of their IPO was less than Snap’s, but they also lost a lot less money than Snap. If Snap can figure out how to stop hemorrhaging money, then they’ll be in a much better position than Twitter is currently in. If they can’t, then they might be looking for a buyout in a few years down the line.