The Morning Badger (2/7/17): Snapchat CEO’s Ridiculous Salary

Snapchat CEO


That’s all Evan Spiegel, Snap Inc. CEO’s salary will get for compensation when his company goes public. Don’t feel too bad for him, though. He’ll Also receive 22% of Snap’s Class A stock, which would be worth around $5.5 billion if Snap/Snapchat actually gets their desired $25 billion valuation.

Hooray for Earnings!

GM ($GM), BP ($BP) , Gilead ($GILD), Walt Disney Company ($DIS), and Take Two Interactive ($TTWO) all report their earnings today. Disney investors are particularly excited about the company’s earnings as they broke box office records in 2016, partially thanks to the user-successful Rogue One. Could this propel Disney’s stock past their 2015 record? We’ll find out around 4 today.

A Veggie Crisis?

The UK is currently in the midst of a vegetable shortage. Due to bad weather in Spain, where Britain gets 80% of their vegetables, the country isn’t importing as many vegetables as they’d like to. This is causing massive spikes in vegetable prices, affecting everything from romaine lettuce (up 306%) to cauliflower (up 90%). Check out Quartz’s report for more on the UK’s vegetable shortage.