This School Invested $15,000 In Snapchat. Now They’re Making Millions

What would your life be like if you had invested in Apple instead of buying an iPod when they first came out?

While you wouldn’t have a collector’s item that once retailed for $399 (which can fetch prices nearing six figures if untouched), the value of your Apple stock ($AAPL) would be worth over $41,000, or over $40,000 in gains. Just think of how many iPhones you could buy with that!

Saint Francis High School in Mountain View, California thought bigger. When they received word of a hot new app called Snapchat in 2012, they decided to invest $15,000 from their funds into the company. Now that Snap Inc. went public, their shares are worth much more than $15,000.

But just how much did they make on their original investment, and what do they plan on doing with it? CNBC recently reported on Saint Francis’ amazing investment and how it will change their future as they know it.

Saint Francis High School sold 1.4 million shares at $17 a share. This leaves them with approximately $24 million after investing just $15,000 dollars, or a profit of approximately $23,985,000. With a tuition of $17,000 per student, this could pay for 1,411 student tuitions, nearly 80% of the school’s 1,768 students. While the private school has yet to determine just how they’ll spend their gains, this goes to show that taking a chance on a potentially popular investment like Snapchat could end up paying handsomely in the long run.