These 10 Jobs Will Soon Be Replaced by Robots, and You Can’t Do Anything to Stop It

robots bender

Robots are coming for your job.

Your career is at risk. Regardless of what you (yes, you!) do for work, someone, somewhere is trying to figure out how to get a machine to do it better and for less money. Automation will let corporations pay less to operate, produce more product, and make more profit. This helps executives and shareholders a whole lot. It also gives American workers the short end of the stick.

Unfortunately, automation in many industries is unstoppable. Systems are in place to replace workers with cost-effective, overtime-working machines and algorithms. It’s not a question of when or if this will happen. It’s already happening.

This sounds kind of tin foil hat-y.

It does, but consider the chain restaurant industry. Soon, every McDonald’s will have at least one self-service kiosk, letting you order without talking to a (now-non-existent) cashier. This kiosk is expensive at first, but eventually pays for itself by replacing real, human jobs. Then there’s Amazon’s plan to make drones do everything, and you get the picture.

Every industry is implementing automation in one way or another. Even the finance industry relies heavily on roboadvisors who will inevitably put real financial advisors out of work. These new automated systems are more efficient, easy to use, and welcomed by the 18-to-34-year-old demographic.

Which jobs are next in line to get replaced?

Money Talks News recently did a study on the ten jobs likely to be replaced by automated systems in the next ten or so years. What they found was astonishing: not only are low-paying, low-skilled jobs about to be replaced, but some highly skilled positioned are on the outs as well. Could your position be in jeopardy?

How can one avoid the robot takeover?

There are a few ways to avoid losing your job to machines:

  • Go back to school. If you’re in a position that could be easily automated, study hard in a field that can’t be automated.
  • Find an adjacent career without going back to school. If you can apply your skill set and experience to another job and avoid the robot uprising, do so.
  • Keep tabs on automation news. You don’t want to be caught by surprise when your job is eventually made redundant. Keep up with the latest trends in automation to avoid being blindsided by massive layoffs.
  • Become an executive. The people making the decisions on automating jobs won’t be let go (yet). If you can move up in the corporate world, you might find yourself safe…that is, until robo-CEOs become a thing.