What Are the Risks of Investing on the Stock Market?

Everything in life involves taking a risk.

Crossing the street when you have the right-of-way assumes drivers will stop their cars and avoid mowing you down. If you eat a burrito at Chipotle, you assume that you will not, in fact, get food poisoning. There’s always the slightest chance that the worst can happen, but you have enough faith in the order of things to proceed with a little caution.

Investing, however, is a bit riskier. When you put money in a bank account, you know the same amount will be there until you take it out. When you put money in the stock market, you don’t know for certain if the amount invested will be higher or lower in the future.

That’s why Zions TV put together this brilliant overview of every risk you could face with common investments. After all, if you know how to navigate the risks, you can use that to your benefit for a greater reward.

Nothing is certain in the stock or bond market. Yet when you take that initial risk with your first investment, you’re affording yourself the chance to make more than you did before, which is risk worth taking.

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