That New iPhone Isn’t In Stores Yet, So Why is Apple’s Stock Soaring?

Last Wednesday, Apple introduced the “revolutionary” new iPhone. It had a brighter screen, better camera, faster processor, and could do a bunch of things you’ll probably never use it for. Yet it lacked one thing it’s had since 2007: a 3.5 mm headphone input.

This drew a lot of ire from the wired headphone-owning public. Since there are billions of pairs of headphones floating around, all with cords that plug into a standard headphone jack, how would people use it in their shiny new iPhones?

Apple’s answer was simple: they could, but it would be a real pain, and everyone should just buy their expensive wireless headphones already.

The notion that consumers needed the “courage” to follow Apple’s vision for a headphone-jackless future rubbed a lot of people the wrong way. Some investors in the company feared the worst and predicted the company would no longer perform as well as it had in the past. After all, who would buy such a phone that was missing such an important feature?

As it turns out, a record-breaking amount of people.

Apple’s new iPhone is missing a headphone jack, something the devices have included since their 2007 launch.


Sure, you can plug in an included dongle on the bottom and use your old headphones, but it’s an extra step and cumbersome. Plus, this move seemed like a surefire way for “greedy” Apple to drive sales for their acquired Beats headphones line, which is now selling — coincidentally of course — wireless headphones that work with the new iPhones right out of the box.

For the next few days after Apple’s iPhone announcement, Apple’s stock began to

Many investors and analysts feared Apple had reached its peak, and removing such an important feature from the phone was a sign that the company has no longer as innovative as it had been in the past.

This isn’t anything new, though. So after the iPhone 7 went on sale…


…Apple’s price per share of their stock started to grow. This was especially impressive since the entire stock market was pretty much down across the board.


Apple announced that this year, they would not release early sales figures for the new iPhone.


Yet when it was announced that inventory of the new phone was practically sold out, Apple shares soared.

Investor sentiment is fairly optimistic that the new iPhone will be a bigger hit than any iPhone before it.


At its current rate, Apple’s stock is even beating the S&P 500, the index of the 500 best-performing companies on the market.


No one can predict what’s actually going to happen to Apple’s stock when they announce a concrete sales figure.


In the meantime, people are lining up the block and shelling out hundreds of dollars for a brand new phone that’s missing an “essential” feature.


It’s crazy to think that a company like Apple can impact an entire industry with one simple change, but this isn’t a first. When the original iPhone, the input jack was recessed and impossible to use with some headphones, leading headphone manufacturers to slim down their input jacks. All of this just to play ball with Apple. What will they get rid of next?

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