What You Need To Know (12/1/16): Smith & Wesson, Student Loans

Here’s what you need to know for today:

  • Smith & Wesson ($SWHC) will announce their earnings today. Gun stocks have been down since the Trump presidency, and for good reason.
  • Oil stocks surged because OPEC agreed to reduce their oil production. This announcement effectively drove up oil prices, too.
  • The Dow and S&P are up 5.5% and 4%, respectively, in the month of November. Gold, on the other hand, is down by 8%.

Here’s what we’re reading this morning:

Student Loan Repayment Programs Will Eventually Forgive $108B In Debt” by Ashlee Kieler, The Consumerist
Americans hold a collective $1.26 trillion in student debt. A portion of that is about to be forgiven. As in, it never has to be repaid.

Why the Trump Team’s Economic Promises Will Be Hard to Execute” by Neil Irwin, The New York Times
From tax cuts to other economic reforms, Trump’s campaign promises might come up empty, according to this detailed Times report.