Medical Ecstasy Could Actually Be a Thing, But It’s Nothing like Medical Cannabis


It’s 2017, and medical cannabis is a real thing that you get prescribed by a doctor in certain states. While the drug is still considered a Schedule I substance (as is cocaine and heroin), it is non-addictive, impossible to overdose on, and has a number of proven health benefits. Best of all, you can actually invest in cannabis stocks right now, even if recreational or medical cannabis isn’t legal in your state.

Cannabis, however, isn’t the only recreational drug that could be used for good. MDMA, commonly known as ecstasy, is proven to help certain psychiatric patients overcome once-impossible psychological hurdles and live a normal life. Sure, it’s commonly used as a club drug, but ecstasy could actually do some good.

That’s why MDMA is currently under testing for possible legal use in certain medical situations. But will medical MDMA be anything like medical cannabis? Business Insider recently spoke to expert Chris Kilham to find out exactly what the future of medical MDMA could entail.

Can you invest in medical MDMA right now? Since initial trials haven’t completed, no, you can’t. Studies conducted by the government are going to take a while. If they’re successful, they still don’t guarantee that legislation will be passed in favor of medical MDMA. Couple that with the fact that medical and recreational cannabis could be under fire when Trump takes office.

You can, however, invest in Merck & Co, the original creators of MDMA. They hold the original patents to MDMA, and if medical MDMA becomes a thing, they could potentially benefit. Unfortunately, that won’t happen for a long time.