Make These Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Investments for That Special Someone

Valentine's Day Investments

So you forgot it’s Valentine’s Day. Don’t fret. We’ve all been there.

When you try to get to the store after work, however, you realize that everyone else in your area forgot, too. The line to buy flowers is out the door. The chocolatier down the street is sold out of everything. Heck, you can’t find a single greeting card without a cartoon on it. What are you to do?

You could invest in your loved one, of course! After all, flowers, chocolate, and dinner reservations are nice and show that you care, but showing your significant other that you’re thinking long-term and planning for the future is capital-C Commitment.

Best of all, you can invest in all the things you forgot to buy. While you might not end up with a nice bouquet or an 8 p.m. dinner at a Michelin-starred restaurant, you could end up with some sweet gains for you and your loved one. Here’s how to get started and pay for your next ten Valentine’s dates:

There are four key components to your typical Valentine’s Day: chocolate, flowers, a card, and a dinner reservation.

American Greetings and Hallmark, two of the country’s most popular greeting card companies, are both privately owned and thus cannot be purchased on the stock market. Paperless Post, one of the most popular online greeting card companies, is also privately owned. If you want to invest in Valentine’s Day, you’ll have to look to the other three categories…and pick up a card at a Walgreens.

You can buy cocoa ETFs and invest in candy companies instead of buying chocolate.

The world’s cocoa supply is currently at a record high, meaning the chocolate industry has a cocoa surplus. This is causing cocoa-based exchange-traded funds to decrease in value, since demand is the same but supply is higher. Once the supply decreases, the price of cocoa will likely increase and the ETFs following it will, too, so buying low might be ideal.

If you want to invest in individual candy companies, your best bet is to look at Hershey’s and Mondelez. Hershey’s ($HSY) needs no introduction, as they’re one of the most popular chocolate/candy manufacturers in the United States. Mondelez ($MDLZ), on the other hand, owns chocolate brands like Lacta, Cadbury, Toblerone, and Milka, among many others. Both stocks have done exceptionally well in the last few years, and are performing well despite the dropping price of cocoa.

Flower stocks last longer than flowers ever could.

1-800-Flowers ($FLWS), like any other flower retailer, does most of its business today. That’s why they’re up 2% as of this writing. While the company had its fair share of problems over the years, their stock increased by over 36% in the last year and 251% in the last five years.

Don’t invest in dinner. Invest in the reservation.

Calling restaurants for a reservation is so old fashioned. Everyone makes reservations through OpenTable these days, which is why The Priceline Group ($PCLN) bought them in 2014 for $2.6 billion. Thanks to OpenTable’s success and the success of their other brands, Priceline is up 54.75% in the last year, and 200% in the last five years. That’s a lot of gains!

It’s going to be an uphill battle to convince your significant other that candy, flower, and reservation stocks are better than actual candy, flowers, and dinner reservations. Yet flowers die, candy is bad for you, and eating out instead of eating at home is a terrible waste of resources. Investing in your significant other’s future really proves that you love them, and love is the best long-term investment you’ll ever make.