John Oliver Just Explained Why Legal Marijuana Businesses (And Users) Are Suffering

Marijuana John Oliver

When the laws governing marijuana changed in the U.S., a few enterprising folks stepped up and built weed-focused businesses and industries. Now, there are hundreds of dispensaries, grow houses, and pot startups looking to capitalize on the legal product. These companies bring in billions in taxable revenue for legal states and created thousands of new jobs.

Due to federal laws and the current administration, these legal weed operations might not be around for much longer. They can’t conduct financial transactions like a regular business, forcing them to use cash for everything. They also can’t enjoy the same tax deductions as regular businesses, causing them to pay much more than they should. At the same time, their potential customers are subjected to penalties for legally using their products.

John Oliver (of Last Week Tonight fame) recently spoke on the pitfalls of America’s marijuana policy and how legislation could grind the American marijuana economy to a halt. If businesses can’t keep up with absurd penalties and customers won’t use their products without fearing job loss or legal penalties, how is anyone supposed to sell legal weed in the first place?

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is an outspoken opponent of cannabis, which people fear could put pot’s legal status into question. Whether Sessions makes it difficult for legal weed business to continue operating or negates their existence completely, one thing is for sure:┬áselling legal marijuana will only stay difficult at best for the next several years, if not become next to impossible.

(Meanwhile, our friends to the north are about to see a major marijuana boom.)