The Morning Badger (3/10/17): Jobs Are Up, and the Fed Rate Will Follow



That’s how many jobs were added to the U.S. in February, President Trump’s first full month. While other job surveys put the number at 298,000, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics¬†calculated this much more conservative number based on available data. Now that jobs are still on the uptick, the Federal Reserve will likely raise their interest rate when they meet next week. For a full explanation of what this means, be sure to read our guide to the Fed rate.

The Cutest Self-Driving Car

While Volkswagen isn’t new to the self-driving car research and development game, the company recently released footage of their proposed autonomous vehicle concept.¬†Called Sedric, the VW-developed vehicle has no steering wheel, features plants in the windshield, and can be operated entirely through voice commands. While there’s no clue as to whether the company will join Tesla and compete with Uber using the Sedric vehicles, the company plans on being a key player in the automotive space by 2025. They also expect to become a software and services company in the automotive space, possibly providing others with self-driving technology. Take a look at VW’s latest concept below:

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