What’s Stitch Fix and Why Did They Go Public?

Stitch Fix

Subscription boxes are all the rage these days. Whether you’re buying food, clothes, or cat toys, there’s a subscription service for everything — and about 100 related competitors fighting gladiator-style for repeat monthly purchases.

Stitch Fix, a popular clothing subscription service, does pretty well for themselves in the growing delivery-based retail space. In fact, they’ve done well enough to the point where they’re now a publicly traded company ($SFIX). Yet being a subscription startup and a stock are two completely different things. So, how are they fairing on the exchange after a few days of trading?

Stitch Fix is a public company now, but are they any good? #stitchfix #amazon

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Stitch Fix probably won’t be the next Amazon, but they could be this generation’s Macy’s. Yet before they continue their growth and venture into new revenue-generating territories, they have to compete with the Washington-based gorilla in the room, first.