Should You Invest in Art and Antiques? Yes and No

Most artists don’t become painters, sculptors, and creators to seek a fortune. They do it because they love expressing themselves in a visual medium and feel their art is the best use of their creative energy.

Unfortunately, making art isn’t a profession, and one can’t buy groceries with an 12-foot abstract sculpture depicting man’s inhumanity to man. That is why artists sell their art: to pay their bills, make a profit, and afford the ability to make more art (because supplies ain’t cheap).

But is art a good investment?

That’s what One Minute Economics wanted to find out, so they created this short video to examine the benefits (and drawbacks) of putting your money into the arts. Is art truly the best investment you could make, or should you just stick to boring old stock market?

If you know a lot about the art world and the varying values of different works of art, then you could make a calculated investment that might pay off big in the future. The keyword here, however, is “might.” Otherwise, you’ll find yourself with a really nice paperweight.

Share this video with your friends below, and don’t let this deter you from making your masterpiece!


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