Should You Invest When Donald Trump Is President?

Donald Trump is now the 45th President of the United States. For the next four years, our new Commander-In-Chief will bring drastically different policies and ideas to the White House than those of President Barack Obama. Many citizens are diametrically opposed to these ideas, while others wonder how they will change our country and its institutions.

Yet even with Trump’s win in the 2016 election, the financial sector has thrived. Markets are up, with the Dow index hitting new milestones. Jobs are up, thanks to the hard work of the previous administration, the Fed, and the strengthening dollar. Despite what many originally thought, we have not seen a total economic collapse due to Trump’s win. In fact, we’ve seen the opposite.

But should you invest at all during Trump’s administration? After all, Trump only just took office and has yet to make any significant decisions, so who knows what’s to come?

While you may or may not agree with Trump and his policies, you still shouldn’t let his presidency stand in the way of your personal monetary investments. To explain why this is, Business Insider recently sat down with Ellevest’s Sallie Krawcheck, who gave a reassuring take on what to do in the next four years.

The stock market historically increases over time. If you’re investing in the long-term in ETFs or other lower-risk securities and the markets go down during a Trump presidency, they’ll most certainly go back up again in the future. If you don’t invest now, you could miss out on some much-needed gains for your retirement.