How’s the Stock Market Doing After 100 Days of Trump?


“President Donald Trump” might still sound like a surreal phrase to some people. Yet after 100 days as the 45th President of the United States, the business mogul-turned-politician proved he’s here to stay. After passing sweeping executive orders, cutting back on regulations, and putting CEOs in his cabinet, Trump proved to be a slightly different president from those who came before him.

Still, Trump has a lot to tackle, especially when it comes to the economy. During President Barack Obama’s presidency, the economy grew out of the 2007-2008 recession, leading to an eight-plus year “bull run” (stock market rally). Now, the retail sector is shrinking, job growth show signs of slowing down, and oil prices are bottoming out, among many other causes of concern.

How is Trump handling the economic situation he inherited? Better yet, how are the markets performing compared to presidents of the past? CNN Money’s Christine Romans recently examined how the economy during the president’s first 100 days in office fares to the past. Could the good times keep rolling, or are the times changing?

Trump inherited a strong stock market from President Obama. With his big business-friendly policies, there’s a pretty good chance that major companies and stocks will continue to grow thanks with help from Trump’s policies. Yet the president is also getting rid of regulations that prevented the catastrophic events in 2007-2008. Should anything like the collapse of the housing market happen again, it would most certainly mean the end of the current rally — and a possibly grim future for the American economy.