Things You Can Invest In: Pizza Edition

Tasty, delicious pizza

Fact: pizza is the best food in existence. It’s delicious, relatively inexpensive, and combines bread, tomatoes, and cheese — three of the main food groups.

But did you know you could invest in pizza?

No, this doesn’t mean just buying more pizza. There are real stocks on the stock market that let you, the smart investor, put your money in the pizza business (or “big pizza”) and actually grow that money. After all, if you’re going to invest, why not invest in something you love?

If you want to invest in pizza, the obvious stocks to look at are those of nationwide pizza chains.

Domino’s ($DPZ), Pizza Hut (part of $YUM), and Papa John’s ($PZZA) all sell stock in their respective companies. All three companies have increased in share value since the beginning of the year, and will probably see an increase in sales now that football season is here.

You can’t have pizza without cheese, so investing in a dairy company might be the way to go.

Dairy companies had a surplus of dairy products in recent years, causing prices to bottom out and dairy giants to merge. Still, companies like Kraft Heinz ($KHC) and Dean Foods ($DF) have fared well since the beginning of the year.

You can also invest in tomatoes.

Calavo Growers ($CVGW), for example, is a big tomato distributor. They might not make sauce, but only the best places don’t use pre-made sauce.

Sadly, there are no well-known pizza oven stocks we could find that would help you really complete the pizza investing experience. Also, it should be stated that while these stocks are directly or indirectly involved in the making of tasty, delicious pizza, they might not be perfect for your diverse portfolio. Always do your research on a stock before you invest in it, no matter how tasty their products might be!