Homer Simpson’s Finances Reflect a Startling Trend in the American Middle Class

Homer Simpson is the American everyman personified. Sure, he’s duller and reckless than most, but he has a steady job, lives in a house, and partakes in regular (and highly irregular) activities that most middle-class men with families enjoy, like taking his family on the occasional trip or going to the bar.

Yet despite Homer’s zany adventures, odd jobs, and brushes with success, he always ends up back where he started, especially when finances are concerned. For nearly 27 years (or several years in TV time), Homer’s life hasn’t improved in the slightest.

That’s why Vox took a look at Homer’s finances since the beginning of the show. What they found is a startling parallel to American middle class incomes, and a trend that not even Max Power can avoid.

Homer Simpson has always made less than the median income of the United States. As time has proven, he could hold any number of jobs with varying pay grades, but he won’t break out of his middle class standing and always end up back where he started. This reality is sadly something many Americans face, regardless of inflation or tax breaks, and it shows no signs of stopping any time soon.

Share this video with your friends below. They might realize just how awful Mr. Burns really is when they see this!


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