Why Is Hollywood Investing More Money in China?

Star wars released in China

In 2015, North American consumers spent a whopping $11 billion at movie theaters, watching everything from The Avengers to that horrible Krampus film. While $11 billion is nothing to scoff at, it doesn’t hold a candle to what international audiences spend on going to the movies.

In the next few years, the Chinese movie-going audience is expected to surpass American filmgoers. After all, the country has more screens than the U.S., releases an impressive number of Chinese-produced films, and has a sizable middle class that can afford such a luxury.

Thanks to these impressive numbers, Hollywood studios are doing anything and everything to get their films in front of Chinese audiences. Yet since China only allows a certain number of American films in each year and is strict about a film’s content, studios are resorting to new tactics to cozy up with the Asian superpower.

Vox recently reported on the hoops that American studios jump through just to release their movies in China. What they found might have you looking at those blockbusters a bit differently.

Movies like Transformers and Avengers paint China in a positive light and feature Chinese products throughout the film. Doctor Strange even changed the ethnicity of a character to avoid conflict with China and get their film into the country with ease. Don’t expect these alterations to stop any time soon, either. With Chinese audiences on the rise, studios will do whatever it takes their movies to the country — even if it means changing the script completely.