Here’s What Happened to Gun Stocks After Trump Was Elected

Donald Trump is the one of the most pro-gun candidates America has ever seen. He was endorsed by the National Rifle Association. He’s adored by the majority of the gun-owning public. He even allegedly carries a handgun on him at all times.

Now that Trump is president-elect, Americans no longer have to worry about strict gun laws or having their guns taken away. With Trump in office, restrictions on gun sales won’t be tightened — in fact, the opposite may happen.

Is this a win for gun companies? Not exactly. As it turns out, gun stocks haven’t been doing so hot these last few days, and Bloomberg recently explained why that’s so. Take a look:

As of this writing, Ruger ($RGR) and Smith & Wesson ($SWHC) are up by over 3%, and investors seem fairly confident in the stocks. But are these temporary gains, or will the lack of increased demand in guns hurt gun stocks during the Trump presidency? Only time will tell.