Google Just Revealed the “Coolest” Brands According to Teens. Here’s How to Invest in Them


Google did what now?

Google ($GOOG) recently published “It’s Lit: A guide to what teens think is cool,” the least cool/lit title for anything. It was produced by Google’s Brand Team for Consumer Apps using the responses of 1,100 teens to see which brands are “most cool” and “least cool.” This isn’t to tell teens what they should follow, but to tell advertisers and brands what “Generation Z” likes and doesn’t like.

So, which brands are lit and which are lame AF?


Google calculated the responses and mapped out which of the 122 brands were “Most Cool” and “Most Aware” (how familiar they were with the brand). These are the results:


You read that right: YouTube, a Google company, is the coolest brand…according to Google. Google is also one of the coolest brands, too, as is their Chrome browser and operating system. That doesn’t sound suspicious at all.

The top ten “coolest” brands are:

  1. YouTube ($GOOG)
  2. Netflix ($NFLX)
  3. Google ($GOOG)
  4. Xbox ($MSFT)
  5. Oreo ($MDLZ)
  6. GoPro ($GPRO)
  7. PlayStation ($SNE)
  8. Doritos ($PEP)
  9. Nike ($NKE)
  10. Chrome ($GOOG…again)

Should you invest in the companies owning these brands?

That’s up to you. Most of the companies on the list are worth hundreds of billions of dollars. Google, Netflix, Microsoft, and Sony have all performed exceptionally well on the stock market as of recent. GoPro and Nike, however, have had their own troubles lately due to a massive product recall and intense competition, respectively.

These brands not only represent some of the largest companies in the world, but the most popular brands to a younger generation. These kids are unlikely to use a different video site than Google, stream movies and TV shows elsewhere, and wear anything but Nikes for quite some time. Unless, of course, something cooler comes along. (This thought is probably keeping Nike executives up at night.)

How do you invest in these companies?

If you want to invest in Google, Netflix, and the like, simply contact your broker or brokerage to buy shares in your company of choice. If you’ve never done this before, we highly recommend going with Robinhood, which you can learn how to use here. Just be sure to do your research before you invest…or else.

Did Google reveal anything else?

Plenty. The “It’s Lit” document is 16 pages long, and contains everything from favorite brands to favorite bands. Also tucked away in that document is another study on the 18-to-24 generation (or “millennials”) and how they responded to the same brands. You can find the full report here.