The Morning Badger: Best-Paying Jobs (That Robots Could Take)

Here’s what you need to know for today:

Chipotle had a good day…kinda.

Chipotle, the troubled Mexican restaurant chain, faced a 4.8% drop in store sales. The company’s expenses also grew due to the growing cost of avocados and the marketing they did to get customers back. Sales in December, however, increased, which caused $CMG shareholders to celebrate and the stock to increase. Financial analysts, however, are still not sold on the company’s future, as they lost more than half their value in over a year. (Probably because of all the food borne illness incidents.)

Looking for a high-paying job?

You’re going to want to do something in the medical field. US News recently analyzed statistics from the Bureau of Labor and found that the top ten jobs with the best salaries are all in healthcare. For the full list, see the report on Quartz.

Your job might be taken by robots.

Americans believe two things: robots will replace most American workers in the near future, and their jobs will not be affected. Obviously, that doesn’t make sense. If you think you’re immune from being replaced by a robot, you might want to read this report on The Guardian and think again.

A Japanese company investing in America.

SoftBank, owners of Sprint and ARM Holdings (they design your iPhone and Samsung chips), is spending $50 billion to create 50,000 jobs in America. How and why are they doing this? This New York Times report has the scoop.

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