What You Need To Know (12/20/16): A Good Day for Blackberry

Here’s what you need to know this morning:

  • BlackBerry ($BBRY) announced during their earnings call this morning that the company actually sees a path to profit by focusing on software and security. This caused their stock to increase by over 2.80% before the market opened.
  • General Mills ($GIS) said that their sales are down across the board, and the company is lowering their expectations for their fiscal year. This caused the stock to decrease by over 3% before the market opened.
  • Nike ($NKE) and FedEx ($FDX) will announce their earnings later today. Investors are pretty high on both stocks.

Here’s what we’re reading this morning:

Uber makes losses despite surge in revenues, reports say” by Rob Davies, The Guardian
Uber allegedly lost $800 million last quarter, even though their revenue stream is surging. We’ll have more to say on that later in the day.

Uber admits its self-driving cars have a problem with bike lanes” by Rich McCormick, The Verge
Uber, which is illegally testing self-driving cars in San Francisco, cannot get their cars to properly recognize and work with bike lanes.

Barclays is prepared to fire 7,000 low-volume trading clients” by Oliver Staley, Quartz
If you’re going to invest in the stock market, maybe don’t use Barclays. They’re getting rid of 7,000 clients because they don’t trade enough.