Five Finance Podcasts You Need to Listen to Right Now

finance podcasts

Learning about the finance world can be quite a chore. Luckily, there’s an easy way to do it (other than, you know, reading our site): by listening to podcasts!

Since there are podcasts for everything these days, it’s no surprise that the finance world has its fair share of on-demand shows. While most of them are dull, boring, hours-long sessions of people talking to each other in microphones with no emotion, there are a select few finance podcasts well worth your time.

If you love podcasts and want to learn about investing, the economy, and everything in between, these five podcasts should be on your radar. Not only will they fill you in on happenings in the business world, they’ll teach you what you need to know to be better with your own money.

Planet Money (NPR)

Planet MoneyThe economy works in strange ways, and learning about it in a book or through your local business section is rather dull. The hosts at Planet Money, howevermake learning about finance more fun than it ought to be. They talk about everything from robot investors to how the economy got its start in America. Now over 760+ episodes deep, it’s one of the longest-running finance podcasts, and perhaps the most interesting show on NPR.

Where to Start: A recent Planet Money episode covered Trump’s proposed border tax and what it means for businesses and consumers. You can listen to it here.

Podcast Link:

How I Built This (NPR)

How I Built ThisHow did Power Rangers go from one man’s idea to a billion-dollar franchise? Where did AOL first get the idea to bring dial-up internet to the masses? NPR’s Guy Raz interviews entrepreneurs, CEOS, and successful executives on how they accomplished such incredible tasks.

Where to Start: Haim Saban, creator of Power Rangers, talks about how he went from total poverty to a multi-billionaire. Listen to that episode here.

Podcast Link:

Freakanomics Radio (WNYC)

Freakanomics RadioIf you haven’t read Freakanomics by Steven Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner yet, stop what you’re doing and pick it up. Once you’re done, check out Freakanomics Radio from both authors. It’s a continuation of the topics and themes discussed in the book, while covering more modern topics as well.

Where to Start: A recent episode about the supposed Chinese takeover of American jobs makes for truly compelling radio. You can find that episode here.

Podcast Link:

Money Talking (WNYC)

Money TalkingMoney Talking breaks down the week’s biggest business stories and distills them to a nice, digestible pulp. Why is Obamacare never going away? How are malls still a thing in 2017? These questions and more are answered by host Charlie Herman every Friday for finance newcomers and self-proclaimed “experts.”

Where to Start: The episode on Trump’s bull market is particularly interesting, as it discusses the potential for a future decline. You can find that episode here.

Podcast Link:

Your Money Matters (Wall Street Journal)

Your Money Matters

Your Money Matters might be a WSJ podcast, but don’t let that scare you. It’s a short, daily review of what’s going on in the business world, why it’s important, and how it could potentially help you as an investor. The podcast’s reporters talk about everything from consumer spending to Tesla, giving six-minute-or-so briefs on what matters without stuffy analysts and data-heavy ramblings.

Where to Start: From the most recent episode. It is a daily podcast, after all.

Podcast Link:


Which podcast player should I use?

Android and iPhone devices both have default podcast players. Many of us in the Money Badger office use Pocket Castsa paid but amazing alternative to the arguably outdated pre-installed podcast apps. It features “smart speed” options to help you listen to podcasts faster, better sharing options, and a ton more. Overcast and Castro are two podcast apps for iOS with comparable features, and Stitcher is widely used amongst Android fans. If you’re looking for a desktop podcast player, these options (save for Castro) have superb web-based players.

Once you find your podcast app of choice, get ready to listen and learn. If you have your own suggestions for great finance podcasts, feel free to hit us up at


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