The Morning Badger (2/6/17): Disney and Twitter’s Big Week


A Smaller but Equally Impressive Earnings Week

Everyone from Microsoft to Apple announced their quarterly earnings last week. But earnings season isn’t over yet. Today, 21st Century Fox ($FOXA) will announce their earnings at 4PM, while GM ($GM), BP ($BP), Allergan ($AGN), Yum! Brands ($YUM), and NVIDIA ($NVDA) all have earnings calls on Tuesday through Thursday.

Twitter ($TWTR) announces their earnings on Thursday morning. This is particularly notable because the company is in a slump and is allegedly looking for someone to acquire them (as are their investors). If the company performs well, the need for a buyout could lessen to some degree. If the company doesn’t perform well, investors will likely call for an acquisition ASAP.

Disney ($DIS) just came off of one of the most profitable years at the box office ever, which will likely have a significant impact on their earnings tomorrow. However, the company’s film division is only one of many revenue streams, and negative performance elsewhere could impact their total quarterly revenue or profit.

How Cozy Are You With Your Financial Advisor?

We ask this because you might want to soon consider how much you actually trust them. The U.S. Department of Labor’s Fiduciary Duty Rule essentially asks your advisor to act on your best interests. Unfortunately, it currently faces the threat of elimination as President Trump is moving to nullify the rule. This means that financial advisors could sell you products in the future that would monetarily benefit them, but could end up costing you huge fees and little-to-no gains in the future. For more on recent changes to this rule, read Consumerist’s report on the matter.

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