Buying a Cheap Car Is a Good Investment. Here’s Why

cheap cars

People love their cars, and for good reason. They spend countless hours driving their cars around, taking good care of them, and making sure they safely get from point A to point B. When you’re around something for that long, you’re definitely going to bond with it.

But cars are expensive. After the hefty cost of buying a car, you still have to shell out for gas and insurance. If something goes wrong, you can count on paying even more to replace a part or two. If you need a car and keep spending on maintenance, upkeep, and other exhausting costs, how are you ever supposed to save money?

Why, by buying a cheap car, of course! Car Throttle recently came up with 14 reasons why you should invest in a cheap car instead of buying new. Sure, cheap, used cars aren’t usually the most sightly vehicles, but they’re just as good as anything you’ll find at a dealership…if not better.

Buying a cheap car lets you save money for the inevitable purchase of a better vehicle. Until that day comes, however, you’ll still have a functioning vehicle to get you from place to place without bleeding you dry. It’s a no-brainer!