Why are Facebook and Google banned in China?


America is home to some of the biggest and most popular tech companies in the world. Businesses like Amazon, Google, and others are worth hundreds of billions of dollars, and most Americans use their products and services on a daily basis.

While these companies might be hugely successful at home and abroad, they’re all doing pretty poorly in China, the most populous country in the world. Some companies don’t even have a presence in the Asian country and don’t have any plans to open up shop. Others, like Facebook, are trying (and failing) to get back into the country by any means necessary.

How can the biggest companies in the world be doing so poorly in China? Bloomberg has the scoop on what American tech companies are getting wrong…and how they might never make it in the country.

In China, American companies just aren’t as big as Chinese companies, so they can’t really compete. Though Facebook and a few other tech giants keep trying to add measures like censorship to appease the Chinese government, they’re probably better off focusing their time and resources elsewhere.