The Morning Badger (3/28/17): Amazon’s Future Store Can’t Keep Up with the Present


More Like “Amazon Stop”

Late last year, Amazon ($AMZN) announced their Go concept store, a (mostly) automated grocery store. The premise behind Go is that it lets Prime users go in, pick out their groceries, and walk out without waiting in line to pay. While Amazon expected their first Go location to open right around now, the company is now delaying the store’s opening until later this year. This is due to Go’s hardware and software only being able to handle 20 customers at any one time, severely limiting the ability to function as a high-capacity grocery store. Amazon’s engineers are hard at work fixing the limitation, though the setback is yet another example of modern automation gone awry.

A Bad Day at RadioShack HQ

RadioShack is currently in the process of closing hundreds of their stores, but the company’s troubles might not end there. RadioShack’s headquarters in Fort Worth might see hundreds of layoffs by the end of May, according to a Dallas News report. The retail chain is trying to reorganize and stay afloat, but warns that their headquarters might shut down in the process. RadioShack recently filed for its second bankruptcy this year, and is currently deciding just how many stores they’ll keep open during their reorganization.

Check Your Mirrors for Semi-Functioning Self-Driving Cars

Uber’s self-driving cars are back on the road in Tempe, Arizona and Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. Though one of the company’s automated vehicles recently crashed in Tempeh, police in the city claim the vehicle’s crash was caused by a human driver in another vehicle. Uber’s experimental vehicles will continue to operate normally, even as Google’s Waymo division moves to sue the ride-sharing startup over the tech used within their cars.