The stock market can be a scary place if you don’t understand it. Yet when you learn how the stock market actually works, it becomes a lot less threatening. You don’t have to worry about big investment firms, hedge funds, and the Bernie Madoffs of the world. You just have to worry about what affects you.

That is why we created Money Badger. Instead of trying to navigate your newspaper’s business section or reading jargon-heavy finance blogs, we created a simple way to learn about investing that’s fun.

On Money Badger, there is no such thing as a dumb question, and you can start from anywhere on the site. Don’t know what a stock is? Now you do. Confused about how Yahoo! still exists as a company when everyone uses Google? We will teach you why by using puppies.

Money Badger exists to help people who’ve never invested before buy their first shares of stock. To buy stock, one must make informed decisions. To help make these decisions, we’ll walk through the absolute basics and necessities of investing. We’ll also cover everything going on the business world and how to be a part of it — or avoid it at all costs.

We’re never going to sell anything. We’ll never tell anyone stocks they must buy. We simply want to get people interested in their future and learn about a world that’s more intimidating that it should be.

-Scott Steinhardt, Head of Editorial