Here’s How To Give Your Finances A Much-Needed Spring Cleaning

Spring is finally here. Though much of the U.S. is still covered in piles of dirty, melting snow, the blooming flowers and warm, sunny days aren’t too far away.

Unfortunately, neither is Tax Day.

Millions of Americans are currently making last-minute tax preparations and getting their yearly finances in order. Yet for some people, keeping track of the proper forms and financial documents is hard, if not downright impossible. When there’s a 1099-whatever and a W-something for everything, how are you supposed to keep track of each and every form?

Luckily, there’s a way to tidy up your financial records. The folks at Money Talks News recently reported on how to give your forms and finances a good spring cleaning. If you follow their instructions carefully, you’ll be on your way to a neat and organized financial history that’s basically audit-proof.

By digitizing your records and getting rid of those you don’t need, you can free yourself of a lot of clutter. Sure, you need to keep your tax returns from the last several years, but do you really need a physical copy of the W2 you got ten years ago? I don’t think you do.

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